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Party time – payouts are here!

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TRVL News Party time – payouts are here!

You’ve created a trip, and you or your traveler has gone on the trip. All you need to do now is enter your bank details in the “Payouts” section of your profile, and you’ll be ready to receive some cold, hard cash...or, you know, a bank transfer.

Michaela Immar
Michaela Immar

First, click on your name in the top-right corner, then click “My profile.” Then, click "Payouts."You will then see a form entitled “Payment details.” Fill in your name and phone number. Then, choose your country from the dropdown, and the supported banks in your country will load for you to make your selection from. If you are from a country that uses IBAN to identify bank accounts, then the “Select a bank” dropdown will just show “IBAN.”

Finally, fill in the rest of your details (bank account, IBAN, etc.), click “Save,” and you’re all set to start receiving your hard-earned money. Now it’s time to decide how you’ll spend it...

Check out the screenshot gallery below for a visual guide.

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