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"What's that? Self-bookings just got even easier?"

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TRVL News "What's that? Self-bookings just got even easier?"

With the goal of simplifying the self-booking process in mind, this week we’ve added a new self-booking feature!

Michaela Immar
Michaela Immar

Now, rather than only seeing one option on your agent dashboard, you’ll see two: “For me” and “For others.” Clicking “For me” takes you to the new self-booking path. This simplified path allows you to directly book yourself a hotel without having to create a whole itinerary because, let’s face it, there are times when all you need for your trip is a place to sleep.

This new feature enables you to easily search for a hotel by entering the destination, dates, and party size and then clicking “Go!” When you want to view a hotel from the search results, click “Select room” to open a new tab for each hotel option (a handy update for those of us who like to compare). When you’re looking at a specific hotel, have a look through the room options or, if you’ve changed your mind, adjust the dates, party size, or number of rooms directly on the hotel page. That’s right – there’s no longer any need to go back to the original search. Once you’ve found the room option you like, click “Reserve” to go directly to the checkout page where you can book your hotel. Finding a hotel is as simple as that, and don’t forget that you’ll earn commission on each hotel booking you make for yourself. Flick through the gallery below to check out a few screenshots.

If you’re creating a trip for someone else, simply click “For others.” Here, you can suggest hotels, flights, and activities and then share your tailor-made trip with your traveler in the normal itinerary format. If you want to create a full trip for yourself (including flights, hotel, and activities), you can still do this: follow the “For others” path and click “I am the traveler” when you are creating your trip. We know that many of you like one-stop shopping, so we’ve kept this feature there for you to use.

We hope that this new, simplified self-booking path will make it even easier for you to find and book yourself a hotel and, let’s not forget, earn commission on your own bookings! Why not click here to test out the platform and make a hotel booking for yourself, or, if you haven't been granted access yet, click here to drop us an email and request an access token.

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