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How does an adrenaline junkie unwind on holiday?

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Worldwide - Travel Tips How does an adrenaline junkie unwind on holiday?

Well, I might have the answer. I recently interviewed some of the biggest names in Supercross, the world's most fast-paced off-road motorcycle championship, to see how people who make a living racing bikes across insane obstacles choose to 'relax'.

Bailey Gaddis
Bailey Gaddis

Eli Tomac, Jason Anderson, Marvin Musquin, and Cooper Webb may be young but they’ve been at the traveling game long enough to offer sage advice for all us wanderlusters. If you're on a tight schedule and you're traveling from place to place, check out these top travel tips.

Use cardio and stretching to revive yourself after a flight

Athletes need to do all they can to stave off illness, which is one reason why Marvin Musquin often heads straight to the gym for some cardio after he hops off a virus and bacteria-filled airplane. Engaging in an activity that raises your heart rate for at least 20 minutes can increase the amount of white blood cells pumping through your body, helping to raise your internal temperature and kill off viruses and bacteria.

In addition to some immune boosting cardio, post-flight stretching is beneficial as it helps you limber up after being stagnant on an airplane. So, if you would like to spend your vacation wandering through cobbled streets or black sand beaches, instead of being stuck in your hotel room with the sore throat you got from that coughing passenger on the plane, head straight to the hotel gym, or do as Jason Anderson does and explore your destination on foot.

Explore the area on foot!

With little time to sightsee in the sixteen cities Jason Anderson visits in one season of Supercross, he multitasks by jogging through the city: getting in his workout and sightseeing at the same time. Jason says this allows him to see the city in more detail. Marvin Musquin agrees, saying he and his wife often take in new cities on foot, which allowed them to discover the sides of New York City they wouldn’t have seen if they'd been in a taxi or on the subway.

Taking self-guided walking (or jogging!) tours of an area can also minimize the stress that often infiltrates many travel experiences, as the endorphins released when the body is moving have been proven to improve mood and increase energy.

Eat the food the city is known for

When in Rome (or maybe more likely Texas), eat as the locals do. Cooper Webb says he enjoys trying out local and popular cuisine in whatever city he finds himself in, whether that be barbecue in Texas or authentic foreign cuisine in NYC's Chinatown.

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the flavor of a city is to literally try out the flavors unique to that area. Discover culinary gems by asking locals what their favorite establishments are for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner then eat your way through the city.

Plan ahead to maximize time

All the Supercross riders I spoke with agreed that they have very little time to be tourists in each city they visit. Because of this, they make the most of their free time by thinking ahead with regard to what activities or sights they want to experience when they’re traveling.

Hemming and hawing over what you want to do can siphon away precious time when you’re traveling. Utilize every sacred travel moment by planning out your days before you head on your trip, making sure to leave time for spontaneity in case an exciting opportunity presents itself as you explore.


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