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"It's time to get paid for all your hard work", The Memo concludes

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TRVL Press "It's time to get paid for all your hard work", The Memo concludes

The Memo, the publication for people curious about the future, is the next to pinpoint TRVL as the future of travel.

Nils von der Assen
Nils von der Assen Editor

"We all love holidays, but are you the kind of person who loves planning holidays? Meticulously choosing the best destination, hotel, airline and events for your family or friends?"

"You’re basically doing all the hard work of a travel agent, but without getting paid." Oliver Smith of The Memo asserts. "TRVL wants to change that, by turning everyone into a TRVL Agent."

"And if you’re not a keen researcher, you’ll know just how valuable that friend is."

Explaining the workings of booking with the help of a TRVL Agent, The Memo comes up with an example. "Say you’re heading to Crete and you’ve spent ages researching where to stay, on TRVL you can find the best hotel and get paid for every friend who takes your recommendation."

TRVL founder Jochem Wijnands is quoted: “Artificial Intelligence is neat. But nothing beats a personal recommendation, from one human to another. That is still the most appreciated and most valuable travel advice there is.”

"Whether you’re planning a trip to Bali or Bangalore," Smith concludes, "it’s time to get paid for your skills." Right you are, sir!

So now's as good a time as any to sign up. Earn up to 10% on every booking you make, for yourself or others!

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