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There's more to Indonesia than Bali

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Indonesia - Travel Tips There's more to Indonesia than Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful (and most popular) holiday destinations on earth.


In fact, Bali is so popular that it's not uncommon for people to think Indonesia is in Bali - when, of course, it's the other way around. Indonesia is actually the fourth most populous country in the world: Bali is just one small part of it.

Step outside the Bali bubble. There's so much more to Indonesia.


Indonesia's capital has about as many people in it as London - 6.4 million, that is - so it's no surprise that's there's a lot to discover.

Culture buffs should check out the National Museum, which boasts a collection of art and artifacts from the Hindu kingdoms, the Dutch colonial period, and from the modern era (including the declaration of independence).

Your second stop? Istiqlal Mosque, one of the (if not the) largest mosques in Southeast Asia.

Last: Jakarta is a haven for shopaholics, both luxury and vintage. Don't leave without visiting Surabaya Street, arguably the most famous flea market in Asia, and head to Grand Indonesia Mall for the best in exclusive brands.

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Lake Maninjau

One for the adventurers. A little off the beaten track, about three hours from the city of Padang, is Lake Maninjau. It's hard to get to: though there's a road leading in, it's quite the ride.

If you're looking for something seriously different from your usual trips, check out Lake Maninjau.

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A city surrounded by volcanos? Count us in.

There's plenty to do in the city of Bandung itself but it's proximity some amazing natural sites is what makes it special.

Kawah Putih and Tangkuban Perahu are both just outside the city. The former is an amazing, visually stunning crater lake; the latter is mountainous.

Both, you'll be glad to hear, have succulent hot springs.

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The home of Indonesia's artistic traditions, Yogyakarta's the place to be if you want to explore the immense and varied cultural history of the Indonesian island of Java.

From ballet to poetry and fine art, Yogyakarta has something for every art lover. In particular, go in search of batik: this typically Indonesian technique for dying fabric creates beautiful and unique patterns, and you won't find better than in Yogyakarta.

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