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4 travel hacks for an awesome trip

Photo by Angelina Litvin

Global - Travel Tips 4 travel hacks for an awesome trip

Holidays are fun, mind-expanding and...expensive if you're not careful.

Chris Woolfrey
Chris Woolfrey

Here's four travel hacks to cover you from booking your trip right through to coming home. They'll help you save money, have more fun and even bring back more gifts.

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Before your trip: Be flexible on dates

Using Skyscanner for flights? Searching for hotel rooms on our very own TRVL?

Prices (and availability) always fluctuate by date. Once you settled on your travel days, check for better prices (or options) a few days either side of them.

You'd be surprised what you can find: hotels can get up to 65% cheaper on the right days; apps like Hopper will help you track flight times and book with savings of US$100s.

When packing: Roll clothes, don't fold them

Most budget airlines only allow hand luggage, and even on long-distance flights, you've got a maximum of about 25kg.

Once you're fully packed, that leaves little room for souvenirs - and if you're anything like me, you need about a third of your case for an assortment of local pickles and a third for new clothes.

So here's a tip: tightly roll your clothes rather than folding them. You'll pack about half the space you usually do. Trust.

On the trip: charm the locals

Talking to strangers can be hard but, once you pluck up the courage, it's always the best.

You'll get awesome recommendations, discover local delicacies and search out little-known bars.

Case in point: when my partner and I were in Palermo, we got talking to the bartender at Bar Garibaldi, a pretty-famous leftie bar in the city. She recommended a restaurant we hadn't found anywhere online; we swiftly changed our plans and, overlooking an ancient plaza, had the best meal of our trip.

Coming home: plan your next trip

This might sound strange but lots of people, in the throes of post-holiday blues, spend a lot of money going out back at home to try to keep the holiday alive.

Here's how to avoid the blues: without necessarily booking anything, make a mental commitment to your next trip date and location, and start researching.

It'll give you something to look forward to and stop you running down the numbers on your bank account.


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