A cook in a floating market illustrates the remarkable range and freshness of the ingredients used in Thai cooking. The cuisine aims for harmony, with no large chunks of meat used because of Buddhist beliefs, while chilli spices introduced by the Portuguese from South American have been toned down to a fierce initial burn that fades quickly.

A travel lover's new best friend

Photo by Peter Adams

TRVL A travel lover's new best friend

What has surprised me most about being a travel blogger is how often people ask me for tips and recommendations when they’re planning trips of their own.

Claire Bissell
Claire Bissell

Sometimes it’s friends and family, sometimes complete strangers. I’m asked about everything from local restaurants to practicalities like public transport. Some of the most common questions are about accommodation. This is no surprise when you consider that we rate friends, family and coworkers as our most trusted source of information on places to stay (Sabre company, July 2016).

So rather than just passing on my knowledge, what if I could get something back from recommending that cheap capsule hotel in Tokyo or wine estate in Stellenbosch? That’s where TRVL comes in, instantly transforming my personal tips into a source of income. Essentially I just keep doing what I’m doing, but with a little help from TRVL I become a TRVL Agent in the process! Good news for me and anyone trying to fund a digital nomad lifestyle.

How does it work? Perhaps a friend has asked me where to stay in Bangkok. I’m personally a big fan of the Yaowarat Chinatown neighbourhood, thanks to its endless choice of street food vendors and friendly local atmosphere. After staying at the Loftel 22 Hostel I know they’ll appreciate its location and simple, modern interior. I send them a personalized link via TRVL, and when they book I earn a commission. It’s that simple! What’s more, I know my friend will get the best price possible because TRVL compares the prices of major suppliers such as Hotels.com and Booking.com.

When I was ready to expand my travel agent empire I could even create my own page on TRVL featuring the best hotels I’ve discovered along the way. Yet another way to generate income on the road!

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