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Traveler to traveler goes way back...

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TRVL HQ Traveler to traveler goes way back...

Traveler-to-traveler recommendations have been part of the traveling landscape for millennia. First the cavemen told their cavemen neighbours where to travel for the best bison, then the Ancient Greeks philosophized about far-flung lands from recommendations from explorers, then the Spanish and Portuguese heard about untold wealth from travelers and set off to explore the new world.

Joe Worthington
Joe Worthington

Many years later, in 1972, Tony and Maureen Wheeler set up Lonely Planet after following in the footsteps of the 1955 Oxford-Cambridge Overland Expedition from London to Singapore. Their first book, consisting of a few 94-page stapled booklets and entitled Across Asia on the Cheap, sold out instantly and was the first true traveler-to-traveler publication available on the mass market. Now, any wannabe traveler could read about the Wheeler’s travel experiences, visit the same attractions, eat the same foods, and stay in the same hotels. Now, Lonely Planet is one of the best-loved brands in travel.

With the invention of the internet, along came the biggest beast in the world of traveler-to-traveler experience sharing. Tripadvisor, at the turn of the new millennium, pioneered the use of user-generated content, and laid the foundations for anyone to share their good (or bad!) travel experiences. For the first time in history, any traveler could write about their experiences anywhere in the world and anyone could read them.

TRVL is the next step in traveler-to-traveler experience sharing. TRVL brings together travel recommendations, just like Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor before it, and travel booking. Now anyone can set up their own travel recommendation site through TRVL and recommend hotels to their viewers in real time. Not only that, the TRVL platform economically empowers travelers by generating them a commission when their recommendations lead to bookings by fellow travelers.

Traveler-to-traveler recommendations are worth their weight in gold. Nothing beats finding out about an awesome hotel from a friend, and then booking it at the lowest price through that friend’s website. From the early days of traveling, through to mass market printing, and eventually to the digital age, we have been guided on our travels by personal recommendations from a person or brand that we trust.

TRVL’s Agents are all travelers themselves. They are all a personal Lonely Planet or Tripadvisor full of useful travel tips. Now, passionate travelers can earn some extra money just by telling other travelers where they should stay next.

No longer is it just traveler-to-traveler – it’s now TRVLer-to-TRVLer!

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