Machu Picchu sits on a high ridge within a tight bend of the Urubamba River, making it a natural citadel. Its walls are famous for their mortarless construction but at least 60 percent of the construction work is hidden underground in drainage channels and foundations.
TRVL Agent of the Week

TRVL Agent of the Week: Ket Cole

Photo by Sergi Reboredo

TRVL Agent of the Week TRVL Agent of the Week: Ket Cole

Originally from the island of Borneo, travel has taken Ket Cole to the furthest reaches of the globe. And now, as a TRVL agent, she’s bringing other travelers with her.

Megan Spurrell
Megan Spurrell

“Since born in a remote place in Borneo, I developed an insatiable appetite to travel to see the world,” says Ket, “I spend a lot of time researching interesting destinations to travel to… I now have footprints covering 40 countries and many more cities, and I am planning to do even more travelling in the coming years.”

With passport stamps from Peru to Iceland to Belize, Ket’s recent recommendations have helped other travelers explore destinations around the world. Her ongoing travels ensure she’ll never be short on trips and accommodations to recommend.

“Since I have 5 weeks a year of vacation days, I do about 3 personal trips a year for 1 week to 2 weeks each time,” Ket tells us. Her next stop: The Azores and Madeira islands.

Ket is representative of how TRVL agents are nothing like travel agents of the past. Ket works in finance at a multinational pharmaceutical company by day, yet earns commissions every time another traveler books one of her recommendations via TRVL. Recently, another TRVL user booked The Clarion Hotel in Stockholm through her, which Ket says she knew they’d love due to it’s modern, funky style: the “fun” factor for young travelers.

As we become more connected as a travel community, it’s TRVL agents like Ket who will not only make travel booking easier, but will make our global community tighter than ever. Ket recommends TRVL for other active travelers who love sharing tips.

There’s nothing quite like making money off the travel tips you’d already be giving, is there? Here’s to many more great bookings and adventures, Ket!

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