Vinci and friends on a rafting trip in Millinocket, Maine.
TRVL Agent of the Week

TRVL Agent of the Week Vinci Filio shares his best tips

Photo by Vinci Filio

TRVL Agent of the Week TRVL Agent of the Week Vinci Filio shares his best tips

Vinci Filio is a self-confessed family man who loves to travel with his 4 children, but because traveling can be expensive, he has to take a more practical approach when planning trips. He is also the CEO and Founder of an adventure travel company called Swiing Travels. Vinci said that he wants to make sure his kids get to see the world, so he travels with them.

Joe Worthington
Joe Worthington

When I asked Vinci why he first chose to sign up as a TRVL Agent, he told me that many of his friends ask him to help with their travel bookings, so he thought: why not earn a commission from this? He said: “When I saw TRVL and it pays a commission, I figured there was no reason not to sign up. It made perfect sense!” This is a major aspect of TRVL. Everyday travelers can continue helping their friends and family to book their hotels and earn a healthy commission at the same time.

Vinci’s latest booking through the TRVL platform was for a Mr Haase who stayed at the Quality Inn Suites in Houghton, Michigan. Vinci used TRVL to search for suitable hotels based on Mr Haase’s requirements for an upcoming visit to Houghton and sent over the best recommendations. Mr Haase then chose to book the Quality Inn Suites because of its ratings and price.

As Vinci is an experienced travel organizer, and has had success using TRVL’s platform, I asked him for his top tips for other TRVL Agents looking to also earn a second income from travel booking commissions. He told me that being patient with potential customers and developing a relationship with them is very important. Vinci also suggested that word of mouth recommendations are more important than social media for driving bookers to your personal TRVL site, because this ensures a personal interaction between clients and TRVL Agents.

Vinci told me that finding a common ground with clients is important, and if they ask for the impossible, then it is a good idea to find some compromise when it comes to their demands.

TRVL is a great way for travelers to recommend places to stay to other travelers, whilst earning a commission too. Each TRVL Agent can get their own personal website to host personal recommendations for clients and followers.

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