A boy selling postcards in Kintamani, Bali. Almost 2.8 million foreign tourist visited Bali during 2011, a ten per cent climb over the previous year, with Australia, China and Japan being the top three countries of origin. The average stay is eight days, and each visitor’s average spend is US$143 per day.
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Being a TRVL Agent: How does it work?

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TRVL Agents Being a TRVL Agent: How does it work?

Each time you recommend a hotel to someone you know via TRVL, and they make a booking as a result, you'll earn a commission. How does it work? Well, it's really very simple...

James Hiam
James Hiam Editor

Let's imagine that you visited London last year, and friends of yours are now asking for tips on where they should stay for an upcoming visit of their own. You stayed at a great hotel when you visited – let's say it was the Ace Hotel London Shoreditch – and you're sure your friends will love it, too.

You log into your TRVL account and recommend the hotel to your friends via a unique, shareable link. You even add in a couple of lines telling them why you liked it so much, as well as giving them a couple of tips on where to go for dinner nearby. They love the look of it and book right away. Everyone's happy: you because you've helped your friends, and your friends because they’ve found themselves the perfect hotel.

But the smile on your face is about to get even wider because as a reward for helping out your friends – as though that wasn't rewarding enough – you'll pocket a commission of $53, too. How? Let us explain...

TRVL has teamed up with Booking.com and Hotels.com to provide travelers with 1.4 million hotels and other vacation rentals. Each time a booking is placed with either Booking.com or Hotels.com via our platform, they pay us a commission for having helped to generate that booking. TRVL therefore acts as an affiliate of Booking.com and Hotels.com, and affiliates typically keep any earned commission for themselves. But not TRVL.

Instead, rather than keeping all of the commission, we pass the lion's share onto you, the TRVL Agent, each time a friend, family member, or total stranger makes a booking via one of your hotel recommendations on our platform. This also applies when you make a booking for yourself or a group you're traveling with, whether that's a holiday to celebrate your Dad's 60th birthday or a city trip with friends from your hometown. Easy!

So, simply by recommending hotels via TRVL, or by making bookings for your own travel group, you can earn a tidy commission. Any traveler you help will only ever pay what they would do elsewhere online, except with the added value of having received a personal hotel recommendation from someone they know and trust.

That's how being a TRVL Agent works!

TRVL is breaking down the traditional barriers of the travel industry and putting you in control. Sign up today!

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