Red rocks and an ice-green lagoon contrast with the grey/brown mountains and sparkling white salt flats of the Salar de Talar. The 46-square-kilometer salt flat in the Antofagasta region of Atacama sits at an altitude above 4,000 meters.

TRVL: an essential tool in the backpack of a digital nomad

Photo by Lucas Vallecillos

TRVL TRVL: an essential tool in the backpack of a digital nomad

When you are on the road travelling from place to place with nothing but your trusted phone, laptop and a few clothing essentials, you truly are living the digital nomad lifestyle – but there's something missing…

Joe Worthington
Joe Worthington

As a travel writer, I get to visit some of the most spectacular hotels and attractions in every corner of the world, and often my friends and family ask how they, too, can stay in the same hotels without having to spend hours on the web searching for the lowest prices. Well, TRVL is making it easier to recommend hotels to those who trust my opinion (and I get a commission from every booking, but keep that between us!).

The founder of travel giant Kayak, Paul English, said that TRVL is like “TripAdvisor with an earning model.” This is exactly what TRVL aims to be.

Airbnb, Uber, TRVL

With my own traveler-to-traveler booking website, provided by TRVL for free, I can showcase the very best hotels whilst I’m on the road, and earn a second income; TRVL has enabled me to take my travel career to the next step.

No longer am I just a travel writer, I’m now a travel writing TRVL Agent. And with TRVL, anyone can set up their own booking website and earn money just by recommending hotels to anyone who will listen. Anyone can rent out their apartment through Airbnb, or drive people around using Uber, so why not take a slice of the multi-billion-dollar hotel booking market too?

Empowerment and freedom

But TRVL is not just about earning a commission from others looking to book a hotel. When I’m on the road the costs can stack up quickly, but when I book my hotel stays through TRVL, which instantly finds the best prices from over 1.4 million and accommodation listings, I also earn a commission from my own stays with absolutely no hassle on my part. And what could make it easier? The TRVL app puts the new world of travel booking right in the palm of my hand!

The digital nomad lifestyle is all about a kind of empowerment and freedom that people could only dream of before the internet age. TRVL is enhancing that digital empowerment by adding an economic dimension. With TRVL, anyone can link their hotel recommendations to their personal travel blogs. They can earn a respectable income as a TRVL Agent without forking out the fees usually associated with home-based travel agencies, and the influence of their travel blogs can be enhanced by recommending tried-and-tested hotels to their readers.

TRVL is crowdsourcing personal recommendations, because these are the best travel tips you can get. Learn more!

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