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5 reasons why TRVL loves Product Hunt

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TRVL Blog 5 reasons why TRVL loves Product Hunt

For those who don’t know Product Hunt, it is a popular platform where new products launch and fight for attention every day.

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Product Hunt is a fun place where you can discover new products, upvote the products you like, leave comments and talk to the founders.

For those who don’t know TRVL, it's a peer-to-peer travel booking platform that is turning people into travel agents the way Airbnb is turning people into hosts and Uber is turning people into drivers.

TRVL’s mission is to make travel better by empowering travelers and handing them the tools and the earning model to act like amateur travel agents. With TRVL you can earn a commission of up to 10% on every booking you make, for yourself or for others.

We pitched to somebody from the travel industry who nodded a few times and then said, “Like TripAdvisor with an earning model?”

TRVL has received a lot of positive press. It was featured on Techcrunch: “You’re a travel agent, you’re a travel agent!”, TheNextWeb: “TRVL has me convinced the future of travel has no vowels”, and Bloomberg: “Startup Wants to Transform Travel Enthusiasts Into Online Agents.” Consequently, thousands of people have signed up and started using TRVL. And still, we’re craving for the approval of the ProductHunt community. Why is that?

1. Integrity. Unlike TripAdvisor, Yelp and the European Songfestival (!), the votes and reviews of the ProductHunt community are genuine, and the management is trying hard to keep it that way. Forget about mobilizing click farms or your extended family: it won’t work.

2. Discovery. People flock to ProductHunt to discover new products. Think about what that means: new products are hunted every day. Here’s a community of early adaptors that has seen it all. They are super critical, but if they like your product, they will talk about it and introduce it, with authority, to the next group of users.

3. Feedback. The comments on ProductHunt offer valuable and honest feedback – for free. It is a way to stress test your product, if anything. And what’s more, it is always phrased in a positive way. However critical the feedback is, they want you to succeed, no doubt.

4. Dream Users. When you launch a new product or service, you want dedicated users that try out all the new features use your product in ways you haven’t even thought of and actively help you improve your product. They aren’t frustrated when it breaks down and won’t go on Twitter to nail you to the cross when that happens.

5. The Game. Ah… we’re a competitive bunch, and we love a good competition, and ProductHunt offers one every day!

TRVL launched on Product Hunt today, so fingers crossed. Thank you, Bram Kanstein, for being our hunter! And thank you, Ovi Negrean, for helping us prepare for our campaign.

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