The U.S. state of Vermont is famous for its fabulous fall foliage, as in evidence here near the town of Burke in the Northeast Kingdom.

TRVL success stories No. 5

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TRVL News TRVL success stories No. 5

It's fair to say that the last couple of weeks in the United States have been pretty frenetic, but that doesn't mean that some users haven't had the time to continue testing out and making bookings on the TRVL platform. In this week's edition of 'TRVL success stories,' we'll tell you about Milissa and how her daughter helped to book her a hotel in Vermont.

James Hiam
James Hiam Editor

Two weeks ago, Milissa attended the wedding of her nephew in New Hampshire. The venue was an idyllic orchard just outside the town of Walpole, and, since getting there meant embarking on a five-hour round trip drive, Milissa wanted to stay somewhere overnight. However, Milissa is not the kind of person that likes to expend an awful lot of energy searching for hotels online in her spare time. Knowing this, and having signed up to test TRVL's beta, her daughter - Bridget - offered to find her a suitable hotel. Milissa was more than happy to comply, telling Bridget that she wanted to stay somewhere that was within a 30-minute drive of the wedding venue and that was relatively inexpensive (she only needed somewhere to rest her head, after all).

Bridget didn't know Walpole, but, when she looked it up online, she saw that the town of Brattleboro, Vermont was a 30-minute drive away along Interstate 91. Remembering that a friend had once told her that the town boasted some great fall foliage, Bridget thought that Brattleboro seemed like a great option, as staying there would give her mom the chance to do a spot of leaf peeping the next day. She logged into her TRVL account and filtered by price low/high and considered the available options, putting together a selection of hotels that Bridget thought her mom would like. Milissa took a quick look and settled on the Quality Inn and Conference Center, booking a room for a grand total of $119.91.

Bridget spent just five minutes searching for hotels using TRVL's intuitive system, and Milissa spent just five minutes making her selection. Bridget even made $5.52 in commission. High fives all round!

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