With its turquoise waters and powdery sand, The Bahamas boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pink Sands Beach, seen here, is on the east coast of Harbour Island, just one of over 2,000 paradise islands and cays.
The Bahamas – Fact Check

There's more to The Bahamas than Paradise Island

Photo by Sergi Reboredo

The Bahamas – Fact Check There's more to The Bahamas than Paradise Island

The Bahamas is a group of 700 islands that stretch in an arc from the coast of Florida almost to northwestern Haiti. Geographically considered to be in the southern Atlantic rather than the Caribbean, and only 80 kilometers off the coast of Florida, many of the islands are further south than parts of Cuba.

Sergi Reboredo
Sergi Reboredo Travel Photographer

They conjure up a vision of James Bond for me, fed by the 007 films that have been shot in the many picturesque locations. Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, Never Say Never Again and Casino Royale all give an exotic glimpse of island life. Just saying the name has always brought to my mind images of peace, relaxation and harmony, long before I got here. The vision turns out to be not that far from the reality.

Stepping out of Nassau’s airport, I am fascinated by the number of parked limousines. It seems to be the normal way to travel to town, and not just for celebrities. The Bahamas tempts everyone to add a bit of glamor to their lives, while Mother Nature helps by delivering perfect days of sunshine. The island lifestyle appears to be one of permanent holiday.

Around five million people visit The Bahamas every year on a cruise and, in many cases, go no further than the capital. Paradise Island soaks up many others into all- inclusive mega resorts such as Atlantis, whose 800 employees service 600 luxury suites and almost 500 rooms.

“People who have never visited make the mistake of thinking that The Bahamas is only Nassau and Paradise Island,” says Andros Island bonefish guide Jeff Cartwright. “But take Andros Island, which is the largest island and has the third largest barrier reef in the world. Its rich marine ecosystem makes it the world's saltwater fly-fishing capital. The Bahamas is different from any other destination, and Andros Island is especially different.”

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