The Bund / Nanjing Dong Lu

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The Bund / Nanjing Dong Lu

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The Bund is a stretch of waterfront promenade in Shanghai that runs along the Huangpu River, famous for its intriguing blend of architectural styles and vibrant nightlife. Boasting quite brilliant views of modern, high-rise Shanghai on the other side of the river, visitors flock to the promenade so they can enjoy the unobstructed spectacle of Pudong, but they also want to check out the gothic-, baroque-, and neoclassical-style buildings that attest to the city's rich and varied history. Make sure you wander into the HSBC Building to gaze up at the mosaic that lines the inside of the dome; it’s surely the most impressive you’re ever likely to see in a bank. For a uniquely local experience, get up early and watch fitness fanatics jogging and doing Tai Chi as the sun begins to creep up over the skyscrapers. Getting up early might be the last thing on your mind after a night out in the Bund, however; this is one of the most popular neighborhoods for a night out in Shanghai. The bars might seem to be a bit on the pricey side, but then you do get a great view, after all. Nearby Nanjing Dong Lu is another good option for a night out – and is where lots of locals like to their shopping during the day – while there are plenty of hotels here and in the Bund to suit all budgets.

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