The Rocks / Millers Point

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The Rocks / Millers Point

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The Rocks is Sydney's oldest neighborhood, with roots going way back to the earliest days of European settlement in Australia. Something of a beat-up slum back in the day, the area has developed into one of Sydney's most pleasant and lively neighborhoods. Historic buildings, cobbled streets, and Sydney's oldest pubs all attest the area's humble origins. It's not all historic watering holes and pretty streets, however. This is a neighborhood with its finger on the pulse of what modern, cosmopolitan Sydney is all about. Pop-up art galleries, music festivals, an open-air market selling street food one day and arts and crafts the next – The Rocks just rocks. You can enjoy stunning views of Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge from Hickson Road Reserve, or wander over to Miller's Point. The view from the top of Observatory Park in this adjoining neighborhood is something you won't forget in a hurry.

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