Yakatori restaurants are a popular place for after-work drinks and a cheap meal for – mostly male – office workers in Tokyo. Yakatori means skewered chicken but it has come to apply to any kind of grilled meat, for which the proper name is Kushiyaki.
Tokyo - Travel Tips

Where you should eat in Tokyo, according to a local

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Tokyo - Travel Tips Where you should eat in Tokyo, according to a local

Tokyo is the city with the most restaurants in the world, and the most with at least one Michelin star, so knowing where to eat can be seriously tough for visitors.

Daichi Konno
Daichi Konno

Having lived in Tokyo for nine years, so I've been around the block a few times. Don't get caught out: check out my top tips.

Visit a local, open-air market

Ameya-Yokochō ( アメヤ横丁 ), in the neighborhood of Ueno, has dozens of stalls and store openings. For fresh, genuine Japanese fish and fruit, go to Ameya-Yokochō.

Try the city's best Ramen...

...which is inside First Avenue Tokyo Station, one of the city's main train stations.

Yes, really. Tokyo Ramen Street ( 東京ラーメンストリート ), part of the station's 100-plus-store shopping center, has some of Tokyo's best ramen.

At lunchtime, you'll need to queue. Try Rokurinsha or Hirugao, if you can - but there's isn't anywhere bad you can go.

Overlook the city as you eat

Sky Restaurant 634, in the Tokyo Sky Tree, is about 700 meters from the ground.  In a city as busy as Tokyo, that makes for a great view.

Go all-in at a Tempura-only restaurant

Kaneko Hannosuke (金子半之助) only serves tempura, the delicious popular dish of battered and deep-fried seafood or vegetables.

And it's one of the city's best.

Warning: it's so popular that you might wait an hour for a table.

Tip: the wait is completely worth it.


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