Warsaw is Poland’s capital and largest city but during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, around 90 per cent of the historic center was destroyed by Nazi troops. After the meticulous restoration of its 18th century houses and market place, the Old Town has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Warsaw – Photo Tip

Experiment with the 'blue hour' to evoke the night

Photo by Lucas Vallecillos

Warsaw – Photo Tip Experiment with the 'blue hour' to evoke the night

One of the busiest moments for a travel photographer tends to be the last hours of the working day, when the golden light of the sun gives everything a great warmth.

Lucas Vallecillos
Lucas Vallecillos Travel Photographer

But it is just before the sky goes fully black, during the so-called 'blue hour,' when the most evocative night photos can be taken. The time you have depends on the latitude and the season, but these are moments which I value very much and try to exploit to the fullest extent possible.

The light becomes diffused and cold, so I also like to find artificial lights to offer a contrasting and perhaps warmer color to enrich the image. In the above skyline image of Warsaw, the 'blue hour' merges with the different colors of the spotlights that illuminate the building, but it is still the sun that gives most warmth.

As well as choosing the right combination of colors, it is also very important to shoot just when all the lights are balanced – for which you need to understand the dynamic range of your camera sensor.

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