The Frédéric Chopin statue was the first monument that was destroyed by the occupying Germans in Warsaw. The original mould for the statue, which had survived the war, made it possible to cast a replica, which was placed at the original site in 1958.
Warsaw – Been There

Warsaw's unmissable weekend hangout

Photo by Pixabay

Warsaw – Been There Warsaw's unmissable weekend hangout

My friend Juan takes me to Łazienki, the most beautiful green space in Warsaw.

Lucas Vallecillos
Lucas Vallecillos Travel Photographer

This complex of historic gardens is dotted with ponds and leafy paths where the bustle of the city fades away. There is a neo-classical temple dating back to 1820 referred as the Sybil; a mid-19th century greenhouse; the Myslewicki Palace and the magnificent Stanislaw Palace beside the largest lake in the park. Juan leads me to a higher part, guided by the notes of a piano.

A large square pens before us, with Warsaw's magnificent statue of Chopin, shown under a weeping willow. This tree served as inspiration for many of his compositions in exile. The music is coming from a pianist giving a concert and, sitting on the grass very near the monument, I spot my friends Agata and Anna.

“There is a concert here every Sunday afternoon from May to September,” says Anna. “We come every chance we can. It is the best way to end the weekend.” They have a bottle of white wine in an ice bucket. Raising our glasses, we toast the beauty of this lovely city: “Na zdrowie!”

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