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Washington DC… It’s the political powerhouse and capital of the USA, but it’s also a city of exciting, ever-changing neighborhoods begging to be explored. DC, as it’s commonly called, is one of America’s most under-rated cities, and who knows why. It’s not just for the politically minded – although they’re certainly in for a treat – but anyone who loves culture, art, food, and drink will find themselves at home here. From the impressive Smithsonian Museums around Capitol Hill and the absorbing African-American history in the U-Street district to the beautiful architecture and row houses of Georgetown and the unparalleled nightlife of Adams Morgan, Washington DC is a city for city lovers. Its energy, diversity, and position as the unrivaled center of US politics keep it from ever stagnating; with that comes a city that’s as attractive to visitors as it is to Presidential wannabees. Whether you love diners, modern art, vintage shopping, fine dining or American history, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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