The statue of President Lincoln inside the Lincoln Memorial took four years to carve but lack of funds prevented carrying out the original plan for 37 other statues. It opened to the public in 1922 and has both his Gettysburg Address and Second Inaugural Address carved on its interior walls.
Washington DC – Photo Tip

How do you translate feelings into a photo?

Photo by Frédéric Reglain

Washington DC – Photo Tip How do you translate feelings into a photo?

As a photographer I always try to translate feelings into photographs, as a way of communicating the essence of a place.

Frédéric Reglain
Frédéric Reglain

I enjoyed walking on the National Mall in Washington DC and was very impressed with the Vietnam Monument, which – to my surprise – is still a place with a lot pain and grief. But I was most taken by the Lincoln Memorial, even though it is a very familiar sight. The sheer size of the statue is overwhelming. It makes one feel very small indeed, which is a very effective way of illustrating Lincoln’s importance in history.

I tried to convey this feeling of being impressed and overwhelmed in my photos of the memorial.

I used a wide angle lens to create a sense of space and waited in a far corner for the hall to be empty except for one or two visitors. Since it is one of the most visited sites in the US, with sometimes hundreds of tourists filling up the space taking pictures of Lincoln and each other, I had to wait for quite some time. But waiting is part of the job, as every photographer knows.

When the hall finally emptied and just two visitors were left, I shot a lot of photos as they walked up to the statue and lingered there. I was just in time before the next flock of visitors arrived.

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