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The West End is Vancouver through and through: open, friendly, and with the great outdoors never being too far from anyone's thoughts. This is the gateway to Stanley Park, which as public parks go is as impressive as any that you're likely to see in a city. Rent a bike or set off for a stroll around the 8.8km Stanley Park Seawall, and, as you take in panoramic views of the city, mountains and the Pacific Ocean, you'll be delighted that you did so. Vancouver is equally well-known for its multicultural vibrancy and great food and drink, and the West End embraces both as wholeheartedly as it does the great outdoors. The Davie Village area is the heart of the city's thriving LGBT community, while to get a feel for local life in the neighborhood, wander up and down Davie Street for a couple of hours and pop your head around an independent bookstore or two. Along Denman Street is where you'll find some of the city's liveliest watering holes and best restaurants, the latter of which range from budget poutine joints to upscale Thai bistros. Whether you're wielding a shiny new credit card or clutching your last few dollar bills, you won't be short of delectable options.

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